Techniki S.A. builds concrete Pools with Overflow or Skimmer, based on the customer specifications, and supplies from the best-known international companies, such as ASTRAL, HAYWARD, MIDAS, PAHLENS and others. We also take over the installation of Prefabricated Pools, using metallic panels lined with Liner in many different colors, further we install prefabricated machinery rooms with filter, pump etc.

Each one of our Swimming Pool is based on the complete study of the place where the customer wishes to build it, the architectural details of the house or Hotel and the surrounding area to fit perfectly with the design, so as to provide the customer with the most possible joy and satisfaction.

There are several options regarding the interior of the Pool, since the market offers a number of paints (which keep their color and luster), tiles, pebbles (which give a view of mosaic) etc. As the Lighting of the Pool is also very important, we accomplish that with the options offered from the Led lighting, in White or RGB, based on the preferences of the customer.

Further, there is a wide variety of Automated systems which could be installed in your Pool, like the following: Salt or Magnesium electrolysis, Ionization-Oxygenation for the chemical treatment of your pool’s water, Calculation-adjustment of the pool’s water pH and REDOX. 

As an Official Authorized reseller of Maytronics - Dolphin, we have the best solution for Automated Pool cleaners (Robots) which will definitely satisfy your needs.

As far as security of the Pool, we provide both, Automated and manual Pool covers made by the Belgian company “Technics and Applications” with Alert System in case of emergency.

Depending on your needs, we offer solutions for Heating the Swimming Pool, utilizing the following options.

- Electric Heaters or Heat Exchangers by PAHLENS

- Solar Systems by Technics and Applications

- Heating Pumps by ASTRAL or ZODIAC

Whatever your dream is for a Swimming Pool, Techniki S.A. is more than able to offer state-of-the-art technology and an experienced crew to provide the best of service at a competitive price.  Because we can make your dreams come true.