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Brand: China Model: AC74700
Floating dispenser Big with capacity of 5 x 200gr tablets, and adjustable slits, with Diameter 22cm and Height 20cm. ..
Brand: China Model: AC73800
Mini Floating dispenser with carpacity of 5 x 20gr tablets, adjustable slits, with Diameter 12cm and  Height 11,8 cm. ..
Brand: China Model: SA05001
Life saving hook made of aluminium to be used with telescopic handles ..
Brand: China Model: CE62300
Skimmer for small pools & Spa. Water Connection 1 1/2" glued and air connection 1/2" glued. Basket can be removed through skimmer's mouth...
Brand: China Model: CE44001
Turbo Jet 1 1/2" glued water connection and 1/2" glued air connection...
Brand: China Model: TS11600
Vadum head anodised aluminium 35cm wide for 11/2" hose. Clip connection...
Brand: China Model: CE14500
Wall brush curved plastic with aluminium handle 45cm wide. Clip connection...
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